Affinity Equity Partners
  • Date Completed: 2021
  • Location: SINGAPORE
  • Project Type: DESIGN & BUILD
  • Size: 8,000SQFT

A Design that visually communicates the core values of the company into the space. Providing a story that reflects cultural values, creativity and integrity. An inspiration comes from Postmodern times where it sought freedom from rules and break away from one ‘Right’ voice but putting in mashup of eclectic styles that shows strength and a design that transcends time.

Architectural lines with the use of soft circular shapes greets you and flows inside as it represents “Oneness” or “Unity” in Asian culture. The layering and use of quality materials shows inner depth and creativity that you would like to explore. The continuous flow and consistency in the architectural form from entrance to the back provides consistency and sincerity. Overall, the interior ‘speaks’ who Affinity Equity Partners are.

Stoked is thankful to complete this project as per schedule even through the challenges of this pandemic. Making our client’s vision for their new office becomes reality gives us a sense of satisfaction and happiness for another job well done!

Ajinomoto Customer Engagement Centre

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