Consistant Info
  • Client Name: Consistant Info
  • Date Completed: 2020
  • Location: MALAYSIA
  • Project Type: DESIGN & BUILD
  • Size: 2500sqft

Consistant Info located their new office in Ekocheras Office Tower. A new work office for a team of accountant to serve the market. Consistant Info put their new office in our hand, wanting us to deliver a workspace that is cozy and yet functional. The office was build within a perfect rectangle floor plate at approximately 2,500 sqft.

Upon entering the premises, visitor will be greeted by the newly designed logo that sits right in front of the main entrance. Understand the nature of the business, clients are highly aware of the needs of privacy. Therefore, we separated the general area and activity area right at the entrance. Left wing would be office area, whereby the right wing will be the activity area consist of a general pantry, lounge area and meeting room. We created a walkway of nature when you step into the space, by having a green wall that is erected using cement ventilation bricks and metal structure to hold up some greens. Here. we redefine the green wall with a different language. By doing this, visitors are opened to the bright and cozy breakout area, like a warmth welcome to all visitor to Consistant Info.

At the back of office, despite the rooms are taking up the window space. As the client wishes to invite the sunlight into the space. The office are segregated with glass partition and door in order to achieve the desired brightness. Last but not least, we infuse the space with different color block, not only just for the use of branding. The curvilinear forms of details and biophilic elements creating a cozy atmosphere for relaxation, communication and connection.

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