• Client Name: GOJEK
  • Industry: TECHNOLOGY
  • Date Completed: 2018
  • Location: SINGAPORE
  • Project Type: DESIGN & BUILD
  • Size: 10,200sqft

Go-jek moves from Level 8 to Level 39 @ AXA tower. Taking half of the floor plate.The new space facing the sea and unblock view of the city area provide a natural light over the whole facade perimeter, creating a sense of spaciousness and clarity throughout the space. We were given a task to create a space that inspire Creativity & Innovation.

Stoked created space for the user-initiated new idea by providing a variate way of working to embrace the user need that would allow the user a flexible  alternative space and options way of working enhancing movement and mobility. 

The concept space is tagged to  – IT’S TIME TO RETHINK EVERYTHING and the journey of the whole space ties in back to how the company operates. Creating an assembly kit upon entrance to the space touches the user itself of How this was create and Creating an element that can spark an idea of how they can rethink and re-create .Throughout the journey to the space some of this elements that relates to company background,the front of house is where staff & client meet & greet, engage and collaborate. Cafe, open space with Tiered-seating and loose furniture that allow user to fabricate a space for small or larger group meeting, 3 midsize meeting rooms that can join to a boardroom and combine all of this spaces this create a town hall.

The final result succeeds in creating comfortable and dynamic, open-plan, multi-functional environments well adapted to new ways of working. This fosters both creativity and idea exchanges.

Stoked Associates – Kuala Lumpur

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